Courses and Classes

Whether you are looking to get into rock climbing, want to take your skills outside or are looking for a new activity for Youth we have you covered!

Youth Intro To Climbing


Ages 8 + yrs


This program is designed to introduce young people to the sport of climbing.


Our focus will be on basic climbing and safety skills and offering young climbers a safe gym environment that promotes – health and wellness, problem solving, trust and self confidence. 


Tues & Thurs – 4:00 – 5:00pm.


$20 / Session

Please fill out our “Contact Us” form to register in advance for our Youth Programs.


Belay Course – $55 adult


During this course we will teach you all the skills necessary to begin climbing on your own. We cover how to put on your harness, tie the proper knots and manage the rope belay systems. By the end of the course, you’ll be all over the walls and climbing with confidence. Each course includes equipment for the lesson.
Instructors are certified through the A.C.M.G (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides).


Minimum age 13 years. Maximum group size 4. This course does not qualify you to set up climbs outdoors. We suggest you seek further instruction before heading out to the crags.

Belay Course Intro Package – $150


Belay Course plus a 1 Month Pass, with equipment included. This is a great package deal for those who have tried the ‘Taste of Climbing’ – ‘Rock On Session’ and now want to get climbing on their own.

Lead Climbing – $75

Why Lead climb? Indoor lead climbing is a more challenging form of climbing than top-roping. It requires the climber and belayer to maintain and manage all the protection, ropes and gear. Our 1.5 hour course will teach you all that is necessary to take your climbing to a new level.
Fill out our “Contact Us” form as booking is required. Min age 16 years.