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Returning Climber ? Life got hectic for a while? Been out of the game, want to get back on the walls and need some incentive? If your Pass expired over 1 year ago, On The Rocks will give you 10% OFF your next Membership (sorry Day Passes not included) and a FREE refresher Belay Lesson, if needed.

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GUIDE BOOKS… Topos for

Crest Creek Crags are available for $15 – Cash Only – Funds go directly to the ‘Bolt Fund’.  

Comox Valley Climbs on sale for $18.

Quadra Island Rock Climbs $15 – Cash Only – Funds go directly to the ‘Bolt Fund’.10300623_798152633558486_4762094684448609052_n


The Story behind the Skulls…    We often get asked “what do the skulls on the wall mean” ?   Well, at On The Rocks each ‘route’ we put up has a 3 month shelf life (roughly), we reckon – ‘you can’t sell stale bread’. The time the route is up, depends on – the time of year, the climber demographic and how popular the route is.


After about 3 months the rocks get taken off the walls, washed and put up elsewhere in the gym. This ensures that our regular climbers have new and interesting routes to challenge themselves on, also the rocks are fresh and cleaned from the chalk and rubber deposited on them over the previous months.


So, towards the end of the 3 months we put a ‘skull’ on the route. This tells our climbers that the route is coming down soon and they have a limited time to complete it.


Old ‘green route’ – gone. New ‘blue route’ – ready !!!