Our Facilities

On the Rocks offers climbing options for beginners to intermediate climbers, for top-ropers, lead climbers, or boulderers. Our 32ft walls are coated with textured concrete to give a realistic feel to your indoor rock climbing experience.


The main climbing area has 32 ft walls coated with textured concrete. We have 18 “top rope” stations, with 4 to 5 routes on each rope and numerous “lead routes” are available for the more advanced climbers.

Climbed here already? Our climbing routes are cleaned, maintained and changed on a regular basis. We have experienced route setters that make the climbs interesting, exiting and challenging.

We have 5 ‘Auto Belay’ units available for use during your climbing session. These are a useful addition to the gym environment and allow individuals to climb and train with out the help of a partner.



On the upper level we have a “cave” dedicated to bouldering. Routes are designed for those who require a gentle warm up to more challenging problems for the pros…







ESPRESSO BAR….   While you are here, why not sample one of our specialty coffees or enjoy a          cold beverage and kick back in our lounge area?




                             HANDICAP/WASHROOM ACCESS





           FITNESS TRAINING…         For those who want an extra work out, when not in use our     ‘Party’ room is converted into a training area…



         EQUIPMENT SALES…        Harnesses, Belay Devices, Carabiners, Slings and Ropes….